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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ms Cat in the Hat

"Ms Cat in the Hat" is 9" tall, and I made her for the PCAGOE July challenge "texture sheets".  The objective was to make your own texture sheet(s) and to create a piece using your texture sheet(s).  

How did Ms. Cat in the Hat come about?

It started with the virtual workshop given by Lisa Renner as part of the Polymer Clay Adventure Retreat.  During her workshop I learned her technique to build an art doll.  It was pivotal for me. I come from a painting background so I was excited to learn about her use of materials and techniques for applying color.  But the sculpting aspect ... I will just say WOW!  

This is Margaret, the Bathing Beauty art doll I made for Lisa's workshop.

I was very pleased with Margaret and I loved being able to do a sculpture, so I knew I had to pursue this further and to apply the techniques I learned to this challenge.  Fast forward, my youngest daughter and I are at a flea market near closing time.  I pick up this little cat bank and the vendor begs me to take it.  Starting at a dollar, the price keeps dropping as I am thinking and I end up giving her a dollar and walking away with the bank.  Yup, made a mold from the face of that cute cat bank and went from there.  

Made a face from the mold; built the head; applied the face; put on a hat and ears.  Built the body; shaped the legs, cushion and tail; attached the parts and the piece is ready for the first curing. My plan to apply texture sheets directly to the sculpture at this point mostly fell through. The ones made from polymer clay cracked and broke so my fall back was to use two-part silicone material to make stamps. 
The texture sheets, three from silicone, two from polymer clay (one glued back together for the photo).

Starting to apply texture sheets on the cured piece. 

Texturing complete and cured, the antiquing layer is applied using burnt umber oil paint.

The fun part deciding on and applying colors with acrylic artist's grade paint, alcohol and chalk inks.

More views.

Thank you for stopping by to see Ms. Cat in the Hat come to life.