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Friday, September 25, 2015

Statement necklaces ... fun! fun! fun!

I have learned so much about making rustic jewelry components from two fabulous polymer clay artists, Ginger Davis Allman  and Marlene Brady.  I am combining what I have learned to come up with my own take on their techniques.  These will be cruise wear ... dinner dress will be a basic black dress with a change in necklaces!! I'll be making more for sure!! 

50 Shades of Gray 

The beads for this necklace are made from Sculpey Ultra Light so the necklace is very light weight and comfortable to wear.  The fish beads were formed by a handmade mold, the others were textured with texture sheets. I then painted the white beads with black paint and wiped off the excess to expose some of the white. Then I highlighted the beads with pearl and silver metallic paints. The necklace is 25" long and the polymer clay beads are reversible so there is no wrong way to wear it.  Glass black and gray beads separate the large beads.  The large polymer clay beads are about 1 1/2" in diameter. The textured end caps are a great way to cover up the cord knots and add a cohesive look.  

Something's Fishy

Made for the October 2015 PCAGOE challenge "Interpretation of the same artist". This piece is inspired by the painting "Sailboats!!! Bebe!!" by Wyatt Waters. From the row of sailboats, the idea of a necklace came to me.  I started out by the simply making sea-like components in the same palette as the painting. I decided I would just build something when the components were complete, playing around with how they might fit together.

This necklace is made from Sculpey Ultralight painted with Lumiere metallic acrylics. The necklace includes findings made from polymer clay and hand wire work for the chain and closure. The necklace is approximately 24" long and the pendant grouping is 5" long and 4" wide.

Sailboats!!! Bebe by Wyatt Waters

Emerald and Gold

This necklace is also made from Sculpey Ultralight painted with Lumiere metallic acrylics. I have not used the Lumiere paints before and I just love the look! I'll be using more of these for sure. The necklace is 34" long including the pendant.


  1. I love these pieces Betsy! Lumiere paints? hmm, might have to try them... gorgeous effect with the colors! And the way the fish necklace is constructed is beautifully done!

  2. Thanks so much Beth! Your kind words always mean a lot. And I'm not sure how I discovered Lumiere paints, but you would love them!

  3. Great pieces! I'm sure that they will be huge conversation pieces at dinner. Make sure you have lots of business cards in your purse!

  4. Thank you so much Marie! and the business cards, a great idea!!