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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Nightlight for Kim

I wanted to make a nightlight for my daughter who recently redid one of her bathrooms in blue and white.  Integrating this month's PCAGOE's challenge theme "Quilling" was the perfect way to build a light with a delicate design.

I didn't really have a specific design in mind, except that it had to incorporate blue and white. I also wanted to give a try at a curved shape for the shade rather than my traditional flat shape.  I started with Pardo translucent clay dyed with blue alcohol ink ... I didn't completely blend the ink into the clay giving the shade a slight marble look.  For the quilling arrangement I used light green, white, and yellow Premo Souffle polymer clay.  I also extruded a strip of coral, but ended up not using any of it, it took away the soft look I was after.

After cutting out a rectangle of the blue, I draped it over a can to cure.  After that cooled, I added a thin layer of translucent liquid polymer clay to hold the strips as I applied them to the shade.  I have never "quilled" polymer clay, and I can say there was a definite learning curve.  But I persevered and built the pieces of the arrangement many times.  

I am happy with the results, I think my daughter will be too! Here are off/on photos taken in one of my bathrooms.  

Now it goes in the mail! Thank you stopping by and letting me share a little of this project with you.


  1. This turned out so well. I love your nightlights. And the pardo is the perfect clay for the background.